Black and Green Atlantic Seminar in Oxford, Spring 2018
Honors Multicultural Black Diaspora Literature Class Fall 2017
Asian American Lit class, Fall 2017
At the UGA women’s soccer game v Florida with my FYOS 2017 class
The Black and Green Atlantic class: 2017 edition.
February 14th 2017: Pulitzer Prize-winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen visits with some of our graduate students.
Black and Green Atlantic class 2016
Pulitzer Prize-winning author Viet Thanh Nguyen with students from my Honors Asian American Literature seminar, February 14, 2017

CMLT 2260h: Honors Program Seminar: “Western World Literature: Seventeenth Century to the Present”

CMLT 2410h: Honors Program Seminar: “Asian-American Literature”

CMLT 2500: “Comparative Ethnic American Literature”

CMLT 2610h: Honors Program Seminar: “Multicultural Black Diaspora Literature”

CMLT 3990 “Directed Study in Comparative Literature”

CMLT/AFAM/AFST/GEOG/LACS 4260/6260 “The Black and Green Atlantic: Crosscurrents of the Irish and African Diasporas”

CMLT 4320/6320: “Comparative Cultural Studies”

CMLT/AFST/LACS 4545/6545 “Comparative Postcolonial Studies”

CMLT 7000: Supervised Graduate Study: “Masters Research”

CMLT 8020: Graduate Seminar on Literary Periods: “19th Century Transatlantic Literature and the Nation-State”

CMLT 8250: Graduate Seminar: “Transnational Literatures”

CMLT 8980: Supervised Graduate Study: “Readings in Comparative Literature”

CMLT 9000: Supervised Graduate Study: “Doctoral Research”

CMLT 9005: Supervised Graduate Study: “Doctoral Graduate Student Seminar”

FYOS 1001: First Year Odyssey Course: “Soccer: The Global Language of Love and War”


Comparative Literature University of Georgia

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